Tradition Mongolian Deel (Clothing)

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mongoldeelMongolia is the only country where the traditional national clothing (deel) is worm by people everyday. Especially, the deel is the most suitable wearing of the rural population, women and men wear deel year-round. The deel is made from wool or silk. The Mongolian deel has become collared and long-cuffed since the Manchu time. The Mongolian deel is an ideal clothing for herdsmen.

It would look really strange if a herdsman dressed in European coat would be grazing the herds. Most Mongolians have several different deels, appropriate for different seasons, as well as a more decorative deel for special occasions. Winter deels are often lined with sheep skin. During the national Naadam Festival the Mongolians wear the national clothing. Wrestlers prefer to wear new deels on each Naadam. The Naadam stadium gets full of people dressed in beautiful deels of various colours which attracts the attention of tourists.